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Web development

I have 9 😱 years of experience developing websites, initially for my own projects and now, more often than not, for clients. I specialise in WordPress and, if you need ecommerce, I’m a dab hand with Woocommerce too.

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When I could find the time between tinkering with websites and whatnot, I squeezed in a career in digital marketing. Starting in PPC (Adwords) and later moving into the heady world of SEO, I eventually found myself looking after a full-service agency. I can help you with those things as well your email marketing, running ads across social media… and maybe more; just ask 🙂

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If a repetitive task is going to take up an hour of my time every week, I’d rather spend five hours automating it once and for all, then never worry about it again. Many of those mundane things you do every day to keep your business ticking over could be handed over to the machines, who – let’s face it – are quicker, more accurate and more reliable than you’ll ever be (sorry).

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